It’s not yoooooooooooooouuu……

If you are just starting out in this business, you probably have noticed that your sales have dropped in the last few weeks dramatically.

Your thoughts might be “Yikes, why isn’t MY stuff selling?” or “What am I doing wrong?” or “I wonder if the internet is down across the world”.  Don’t worry. You’re not alone. We’re all there ticking down the hours until autumn hits and people get back into the “buying stuff” mood.

These are just the typical summer months in this business. Happens every year. The steady beat of selling has been replaced with the clang of a random sale here and there.

But there are ways to survive the selling drought.  And that is to put out things to people who are still buying during this time. So who are they?

Well, here’s a few:

Teachers: A lot of teachers spend some time in the summer looking for things for their classrooms during the summer.  Books, games, and educational activities top the list. If you can put a “lot” together…even better.

Homeschooling Parents: They, too, will be looking for the same items as above.

Other Parents: With school starting earlier and earlier, a lot will be looking for school clothes and special “TV/movie character” backpacks.

Crafters:While crafters spend year round, they spend a good deal of time now getting their supplies to make their Christmas inventory.

College Kids: If you can find CURRENT textbooks, here is a good summer market.

So that’s a few ideas. If you have any niches that you have had success with during these slower months, please share in the comments section!

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2 Responses to It’s not yoooooooooooooouuu……

  1. nancy says:

    Thanks for the timely post. I was feeling like I was doing something wrong as my sales dropped the last couple of weeks. I now feel a little more motivated to stick in there. How about sports items for summer activities? Summer clothes. Camping items. Hey I think I’m going to put together a summer “be on the look out for” list.

  2. Jessica says:

    Funny you mention it because I had a major yarn score at my local ts recently and it felt a little weird listing bulky 100% wool on the hottest days in june and july, but it’s slowly selling. Crafters always buy yarn. And I know because I am one of them, ha. Makes sense that people are planning their holiday crafts. I don’t really knit things for gifts so I never thought of that. I only make stuff I want to and for me!

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