Give me a break….please!

Sometimes when your inventory sources dry up or the pickins get slim, you have to think “outside the box”.

One of these “out of the box” items, that has continuously sold for the last few years, is the “broken china mosaic tile”. Quite simply, these are tiles that are cut from vintage/collectible plates using a special “nipping” tool or tile cutter. Artists/ crafters then use them to create a mosaic style piece like a table or vase.

What makes this such a fun selling item is that you can usually find tons of vintage patterned plates everywhere. That is the easy part. I know first-hand that there is an “art” to cutting these plates so you don’t end up with shards and cracked pieces. I have the battle wounds to prove it. But once you get the hang of it….it’s really fun.

You’ll have to do your research on what tile designs are currently popular. It used to be roses when the Shabby Chic look was really booming. There is still a demand for floral patterns but what I am seeing now is a good sell -through rate for Mary Engelbreit design tiles. You’ll need at least 50 in your lot to sell them as people often use them for large projects.

Expect anywhere from $18.00-$35.00 per lot if your tile patterns are sought after and your cuts look good. Both Etsy and Ebay are good places to sell these lots.

I know some people shriek when they hear someone is busting up old plates for mosaic tiles…but I look at it as a great way to reuse something and give it a new life.

And there is your “CRASH!” course on broken china mosaic tiles.


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3 Responses to Give me a break….please!

  1. nancy says:

    How do you come up with so many good ideas? I would never think of this but it’s great.

  2. Wow, this would be perfect for all of the china I buy when I get so excited that I don’t “see” the chips and cracks. I need to find more info and the secret to cutting or nipping them just right.

  3. laura says:

    nice! Never would have thought of that!

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