In February of 2008, Polaroid ceased all production of its instant film. Those of us who grew up with this “FLASH-Whrrrrrrr-Pull” type of photography, waxed nostalgic at the end of an era.

But not so fast. People weren’t ready to give up there “Gotta-have-my-pictur e-now-even-if-its-colored-all-weird” type of photos.  Polaroid instant camera film has been selling for some eye-popping prices. A quick check on Ebay, and you can see they easily go between $20.00-$1500.00 depending on how much film is in the lot and what the expiration date is for the film.

An interesting sidenote: A company called “The Impossible Project” bought up all the Polaroid manufacturing equipment and is now producing instant film for the old Polaroid cameras…but its at a slow the demand for the original film is still high. You can read all kinds of info on the film in this Wiki entry.

Are they easy to find? Nope. I’ve been looking for months and FINALLY found an unopened box today…sitting out…in full view…on a counter in a thrift store. Whoo-hoo! But I would love to uncover a CASE of it somewhere…that would be like opening a treasure box!

So do some research and check out the film numbers people are buying…well worth looking into!


July 31 is the deadline to get your store’s info to me for a “FREE LIFETIME LINK”. All the information you need is located at the top of this page under “Late Night Market Info).

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5 Responses to Dooyahavwun?

  1. Anonymous says:

    was just talking about this very topic today with my hair stylist who sells on ebay as well. I’ve never found any yet. Cameras yes. Film. No.

  2. shannon says:

    I’ve found a few packs. One just on the shelf at GW. And then I bought a Polaroid camera just because I could see in the case were 2 packs of film. The camera and contents were $5! I think I redonated the camera since it didn’t sell…but got $50 for the film.

  3. Cindy says:

    Still looking for this item! I know I passed a few of them up, when I wasn’t aware of how hot this item was!

  4. Valerie says:

    I found a pack of Polaroid Colorpack Film- Polacolor Land Film Type- 8 exposures. Sold for $8.99 (I was hoping for more- I guess certain types are more popular) . The buyer still hasn’t paid, so maybe I’ll get to list it again.

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