You can’t hide from me……now

I was planning to write this post soon, but after this weekend, I decided to write it now.

It’s another book tip. It’s about the “invisible” book.

I’m referring to the book that sits on a shelf NEXT to books with brightly colored dustjackets, easy-to-read titles, and boldly printed authors’ names.

The “invisible” book, in contrast, often has no lettering on the spine, is possibly missing a cover, could be spiralbound, or just very thin. And because of its humble appearance, it is often overlooked.

And while 75% of the time these books aren’t anything, when they are something, they are REALLY something. Often, these gems are self- published books with some unique information, or they are a rebound library copy of a hard-to-find book. Other times they are a thin manual on something obscure or perhaps a program from a performance/show.

So basically, it’s a good idea to train your eye to look for these books and your hand to pull them out.  Like I said, most people are going to overlook them or disregard them as nothing worth inspecting.

But not you. Not anymore. You’ve got a new super power.

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2 Responses to You can’t hide from me……now

  1. Debra says:

    So true! A few months ago, I found a book titled Crazy Quilt Stitches at an estate sale. It has a plastic comb binding and paper cover, and since it was published in 1981, is now hard to find. I was pleased to sell it for $50 to a needlecrafter who had been looking for this book. I now look at ALL of the books, especially the craft ones.

  2. DogsMom says:

    I actually enjoy finding things like that. It is like finding a treasure in plain sight that many before me have passed over.

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