It’s Weekend Wonder! #3

A great opportunity to share your knowledge on reselling or ask a question. There are lot of us here who would love to help you get started or give some information on a topic.

The Late Night Coffee Facebook page will have a post where you can join in a conversation AND this Late Night Coffee blog will have the comments section below open as a place to converse.

Last weekend ,we talked about the “stigma” of being a reseller. Good stuff.

Please feel free to ask…..and feel free to share! Knowledge is power!

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4 Responses to It’s Weekend Wonder! #3

  1. Marci says:

    Ok, I have had this question for a while. I am still fairly new at reselling (been about 10 months) but I have been trying each month to list a little more than the month before. My question is, do you ever have issues with the amount of stuff piling up in every corner of your house. Seriously, when you have 1,000 things listed in your store, where on earth do you store it all? Sometimes is just overwhelms me. I designated a closet, but then filled it up, so I found another area of a closet and its filled. Also, a corner of the bedroom, dining room ,kitchen, and a lot of the garage. I keep telling myself it is a slow time of year and as soon as sales pick up it will be better, but sometimes it drives me mad. Any thoughts?

  2. Yikes..just saw this.

    Oh honey…I feel your pain. I seriously don’t have the answers as I have this same battle. But you are is the slow time right now. It’s hard to look at …it…all.

    I have REALLY limited my thrifting recently as I truly need no inventory right now. The thrill of the hunt is replaced with the frustration of where to put anything new…so I am on a “treasure diet”.

    I use the time I normally would thrift to list. I want this stuff gone…..

    Anyone else?

    • And the things I have listed….if they sit for a while…I bundle and auction off many as a lot…..just to get it out of here. It’s not making me money sitting in my house.

  3. Corie Stern says:

    For small items that I get I have been putting in clothe shelf organizers in my closet and yes I have loads of stuff under my bed… its the balance of what you resell and how soon you’ve purchased new items and so forth on down …..Corie

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