Weekend Wonder #4

It’s “Weekend Wonder” again! Time to ask those questions about the reselling biz or share your knowledge from your experience!

The holiday season will be upon us before you know it…this is a great time to ask questions before the craziness starts!

The Late Night Coffee Facebook page will also have a “Weekend Wonder” link so you can start questions there as well!

Have a great weekend and happy hunting!

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8 Responses to Weekend Wonder #4

  1. I recently found a partial box of Boynton Christmas cards which I picked up thanks to this blog. My question: should I try to sell them individually or as a set with the box?

  2. Hmmmmmmm…..partial box. I would try one at first…if it doesn’t sell OR if it doesn’t get a good price… try selling as a lot.

    That’s my gut. Anyone else?

  3. Lindy Dieckman says:

    I agree to try selling them individually first. I have found that on a lot of items I do much better if I split them up. I had a large lot of Legos and found that I did much better dividing them up by colors and such than listing them in one big group. It was definitely more time consuming, but listing the cards shouldn’t be.

  4. Amanda says:

    Do used Boynton cards sell? I have a birthday card that I received when I was 2 (1989). Wondering if it has any worth.

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