Nails are big business these days and keeping the industry “trendy” is also part of keeping up with the competition.

OPI has lines of nail polish/lacquer that have a VERY loyal following. It’s very durable and comes in many different colors.¬† Even more interesting are the names given to the various colors: “I’m Not Really a Waitress”, “Lincoln Park after Dark”, “Vodka & Caviar”, and “Isn’t that Precious?”. Very smart marketing to help the consumer¬† remember their favorite color.

They have a great sell through rate on Ebay and do well when sold in lots. And while they command a better price when they are new, there are some that are getting good money for used bottles. Prices range from $20.00-$150.00….most of these being lots.

Here’s a great article so you can make sure the bottle you find is the real deal.

Remember to check your shipping provider’s policy on shipping nail polish as it can be considered a hazardous material.

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  1. truefinds says:

    Wow. This I did not know. I mean, I sell fingernail polish at my estate sales, of course, because I try to sell everything in the house. But I had no idea that people even sell them on eBay. I always figured people where just buying them for themselves. Don’t worry. I won’t price it any higher now that I know this, but it is still interesting.

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