Gather Ye Customers While Ye May….

Two words are very important to business owners…

Repeat customers.

Sustainable businesses rely on people coming back over and over for their product. You can have the best marketing, but if people don’t come back, you’ll be spending most of your budget on marketing.

Now is the time to gather those customers that will be buying from you in the coming months for the holidays. The quality of your items, customer service, and communication needs to be at the highest level.  This will ensure that these same people will come back during the months following the holidays.

Here are some great tips to help them remember you:

1) Ship VERY quickly. Get it out the next day. Seriously. I know, I know. “She’s out of her mind with that next day blabber.” But if you CAN do it for the next 3 months…it will absolutely increase your chances for repeat business for next year. Nobody likes to wait for anything anymore, that’s just the reality.  Each day that passes with no item, increases the annoyance and dissatisfaction the customer could potentially have with the item. And when the holidays really get into full swing, the frustration level goes up.  When you ship immediately, you are letting the customer know you are doing all you can to get it to them fast.

2) Get your name out there.  You will have more concentrated customers in the next three months than the whole year. Give them something to remember you with that’s cheap and easy.  I REALLY recommend getting those Vistaprint business cards. Here’s the site. Put one in each of your packages. BETTER YET…get some of that magnetic tape…attach a piece to the back…and VOILA…instant magnet with your business name. I don’t work for the company….I just know they ship quickly and are really great, inexpensive (or FREE) cards!

3) Be personable.  With the age of having to converse with computers, people LOVE to know they are communicating with a human.  So be human in your communication.  You can be professional and still let the person know you thought the blazer they bought was a gorgeous red or the book they purchased has some GREAT illustrations and that you like their taste.  Sometimes I’ll add in an inexpensive item that matches what they bought just because I thought they’d enjoy that too!  (You can have a box of “freebies” to send to people near your shipping area…just pull from there)  Seriously…people LOVE getting a little something extra..brings out the kid in them.

4)Answer questions/emails immediately.  Again that frustration thing.  If they know there’s a human that cares about their business, they will most likely buy from that human again.

5) Think about what makes you go back to a business as a “repeat customer”.  And run your business the same way. Chances are if you are going back for a certain reason, so are other people.

It’s not difficult to get a nice, repeat customer base.  And to be honest, it’s essential if you are wanting your business to stay around for a while. Or at least the next year.

What do you do to increase your repeat customers?

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4 Responses to Gather Ye Customers While Ye May….

  1. Chris Daisy says:

    This a wonderful, helpful post and I hope everyone takes the time to read it!! Thank you!!

  2. That’s lots of good advice. I hope I am here next year. I like the human connection. I hand write thank you on the bottom of each invoice I include with every shipped item. I want the customer to realize that I am a real person. Shoot, I received an ebay package today that didn’t even have an invoice. Not very personal.

  3. These are some great tips! I just got my Vistaprint cards last week, I just had to pay for shipping (so CHEAP!) But it’s so quick and easy to throw one into each package I’m sending out.

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