Sept. 14-21 Show and Sell

Fall officially starts next Friday (Sept. 23), but what better way to start than with a great “Show and Sell”!

“Show and Sell” is a chance for you to showcase various items you are selling. And the best part…’s FREE! This week…the theme is FALL. All things “fallish”….warm clothing, books, cooking…..if it relates to fall…link it up!

Here’s the guidelines:

One listing per day, per store. If you have more than one selling venue, you can do one from each. (i.e.:two stores=two listings per day)

Appropriate items for all age audiences.

Collections are changed each Wednesday.

**If you are using Ebay, you will have to upload a photo from you computer or url location as it won’t show up just from the listing.**

Past “Show and Sell” collections will be saved at the top of this blog under “Show and Sell”. That way, if someone saw something of yours in weeks that have passed…they can still find it!

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