Weekend Wonder #8

It’s “Weekend Wonder”! Time to ask those questions about anything in the reselling biz.

Need help identifying an object?

Have a question about shipping?

Wonder which venue is the best place to sell an item?

Here’s the place to ask! Simply write your question in the comments section below and we’ll help you out!


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Have a great weekend!

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14 Responses to Weekend Wonder #8

  1. Renee says:

    Hello, I have a question….I have been searching and searching for any refeence to a large lead crystal fish I found at an estate sale about ten days ago. It is huge and weighs probably 12 pounds! It’s beautiful, and I am certain worth more than the $20 I paid. BUT, I cannot find anything online about this piece. Any ideas of where to look? The piece is approximately 16″ tall. The fish is atop a large crystal ball. Help!


  2. Linda says:

    Good morning! I was hoping to get some input on returns. I sold a pair of jeans recently on eBay. I listed the size and gave complete measurements. The buyer received them and claimed they didn’t fit. He was quite rude in his correspondence with me, accusing me of “overdrying” them, and speculating they might be womens jeans (they’re not).

    He demanded that I refund his money and refused to pay return shipping costs. I refunded his money, plus original shipping costs and told him to do as he wishes with the pants. I am so worried about my DSRs and losing my Top Rated Seller discount, that I feel as though I bow down to people unnecessarily, in order to keep my good rating.

    I did nothing to misrepresent this item, yet I am out not only the money I made, but the item as well. How do others handle this? Thanks for any input!


    • Linda, unfortunately there are some “people” out there that take advantage of the fact that you want to keep your top rated seller status. It happened to my daughter. Someone bought something, said they didn’t get it, delivery confirmation confirmed they did, they demanded refund, she caved for the same reason as you.
      Personally, I don’t have top rated seller status so I am probably the wrong one to respond, but right is right. I would have refused refund until he sent the pants back. Period. We as sellers can not make a living if we cave in to every person who wants something free. Yes, he was unhappy. Yes, he was unreasonable. But ebay would have backed you up if you offered a refund upon return of the item and you are even allowed to charge a return fee. Although I probably would let that slide since he was so unhappy. Why would he want to keep an item that he didn’t like or didn’t fit? Because he wanted it for free. You didn’t say if he was a seller on ebay or not. My guess is that he is and knows the pressure we as sellers are under to keep a good status.

      • Linda says:

        Thanks for your input! The buyer is actually quite new to eBay, and I think he just doesn’t understand the ins and outs of it all. I’ve blocked him, as I do with any problem customer. I’m anxiously watching my feedback to see what, if anything he leaves me. I know I need to stand my ground on items that are clearly depicted! I feel like such a wimp sometimes, hehe! 🙂 Thanks again for your reply!

    • Unfortunately, with Ebay’s feedback system…there is now a lot of what I call “eating a poop sandwich” AND having to say you like it. It’s not fair, nobody likes it…but right now….it is what it is.

      Fortunately…these buyers are few and far between. I just build it in as the cost of doing business…and thank the stars that they don’t buy my stuff very often.

      Take a gander over at the customer service desk of a store….THAT goes on all day. Ugh. Granted…the workers aren’t forking over their own money to replace the item…but every business has them.

      Just keep on…keepin’ on. And read your feedbacks that are positive when you get a not so great one….it keeps things in perspective.

  3. Jeanie says:

    I’m curious about how others keep their inventory organized. While I’ve sold on ebay in the past, I’m just now getting into thrifting for resale and I’m finding that my inventory is taking over. I need to stop and come up with an organization plan before it becomes an overwhelming task.
    Also, where do you get your non-priority shipping supplies? I need some polymailers and would like to know a good source. Thanks! 🙂

    • Yeah…the organization question comes up quite a bit. Some of us are one step away from being on the “Hoarders” show….
      Of course the obvious is cabinets, shelves, closets…anything that you can store AND get to easily.
      But…the best way is to get the stuff listed and listed at a good price so it gets out the door. Going on a “thrifting diet” also helps. Meaning…no more stuff comes in…until some goes out. Which is easier said than done.
      If you can “lot” some stuff up and sell it that way…it makes keeping things organized while still selling your items.
      Putting things away as soon as they come in.
      Those are some of the things I do…some are easier than others.

      As far as shipping supplies….look at the top of the page and click “Shipping Supplies. It will direct you to Packitright.com…I use them. They are in Florida…good wholesale prices on shipping supplies.

      Hope this helps!

    • Linda says:

      I’m having the same issue with space! I’m seriously considering building a room in my basement to store my stock. I do label each of my items with a SKU number, so I can find it easily, but since I sell mainly clothing, my stock is bulky. I have a tall shelf in my office next to my desk, but it’s overflowing onto the floor and I have to rifle through it to find what I need. Good luck!

      • Nancy says:

        At an estate sale I found a clothing rack on wheels like you see in stores. That has helped with that type of item but I have the same problem with everything else.

        This week I sold a mug that I could not find. Looked high and low and had to cancel the sale after a couple of days. The buyer was understanding, thank goodness, and left me positive feedback, but I was worried about it. I think I might have already sold it and ebay’s sold list only goes back so far. I need better record keeping and better storage/organization.

        I have put myself on a diet but I have been cheating on my diet here and there. It has helped though. I’ve also ramped up my listing so that I can get some stock moved out.

        I started a couple of large plastic bins and have filled them with items that I’m putting on hold…not going to list or worry about them so that I don’t have to ever dig through them. I will leave them alone until I get the rest under control.

  4. Cindy says:

    Personally, I would rather respond to a dissatisfied customer with an apology and all your money, including return postage fees will be returned once I have received the item. Please let me know how much the postage was so I can refund the money when I receive your package. That is usually the end of it. No returned merchandise and no feedback left. Hope it helps for you to hear another alternative!

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