Weekend Wonder #9

Got a question about the biz?

Need help identifying an object?

Wonder how to clean certain items?

Here is place to ask questions and share your knowledge!  Simply write your question in the comments section below…someone will help answer it!  Last week, we had some questions about dealing with returns, organization strategies, and shipping supplies. We all have a lot to share….and this a great community to ask!


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9 Responses to Weekend Wonder #9

  1. Valerie says:

    I’ve been doing re-selling in ebay since June, just opened basic store this month- learning so much every day- this blog has been a great help!
    I still struggle with pricing… Can never decide whether to do auction, buy it now, best offer, and sometimes even a price- even after lots of research. Seems like I’ll start an auction at 99cents, and it sells for 99cents!
    Right now I’ve been doing a bunch of BuyItNow and adding Best Offer (since I’m never confident in the prices I set) and not having as much luck as I’d hoped. In fact, I look at other listings, and I think I actually underprice things. I’m amazed at some of the buy it now prices I see (high, in my opinion)- but they’re very successful sellers, so it’s obviously working. I’d appreciate ANY kind of pricing strategy help. Thanks!!

    • Hi!
      You know…that’s a great question.
      I think some things you have to consider before deciding which way to sell an item depends on a few things:
      1) How much you need to make.
      2) How much you want to make.
      3) How long you can wait for a sale.
      4) If the item is in demand.
      5) What time of year it is.

      It all is a gamble. I think that’s why its so addicting. BUT….the strategy is to take as much risk out of the gamble as you can.

      1) If you can afford to sit for a while with the item…put it at a price that makes the money you want as a Buy It Now.
      2) If its a good time of year (holidays) and your item is in demand…try an auction…setting it at a minimum price you would be okay with if it sold at that price. Although…I sometimes gamble with a low price to get some bites so it gets some action on it. I win some…I lose some.
      3) Put it on an auction with Buy it Now…again setting it at a price you can live with.

      Unfortunately,there’s no easy answer on this. Really…if you do your homework, research the demand, choose good categories, and make you listings look and sound awesome…you have upped your chances in any of the different styles of selling. We all have “given” away things…and we all have had some sales that have made us jump for joy. It’s remembering the “jump for joy” info that keeps you more in that category

      I hope this helps a little.

  2. I hope this hasn’t already been done to death, but how can you clean rhinestone jewelry without ruining it? Thanks.

    • I hope someone can answer this…its a great question! I don’t do jewelry very much….so I wouldn’t be able to answer expertly.

    • Anonymous says:

      This sounds sort of odd (ok, very odd), but I recently read that to clean up tarnishing on costume jewelry simply use an even mixture of 1/2 ketchup 1/2 mayonaise. You are supposed to rub it on and rinse it off right after. I haven’t tried it yet, but it was in a weekly column in my local newpaper. I don’t know if this will help with your Rhinestone jewelry, but I figured you never know.

  3. Valerie says:

    This helps alot. Thank you! You confirmed some things I had thought myself, and gave me more to think about. I think I start to get nervous if something doesn’t sell right away– I guess some things just take more time.

    Thanks again for the info!


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