Uhhhh…yeah. We’re gonna need to look for these.Mmm-kay?

Bill Lumbergh from “Office Space”….(insert chuckle here).

I’ve read on a lot of thrifting blogs and have had a good deal of success reselling office supplies.

Good ol’ boring office supplies.

I’ve sold pencil sharpeners, staplers, ledgers, and rubber stamp holders….all vintage.  On the newer side…I’ve sold printer ink, labels, and most recently, transparency film.

I always see them at garage sales and thrift stores…but hesitate sometimes in buying them.

What office supplies have you had success with in reselling?

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3 Responses to Uhhhh…yeah. We’re gonna need to look for these.Mmm-kay?

  1. Cindy says:

    I sold some vintage rolodex cards that were lined. I bought 10 packs, for $6.00. Sold them for a total of $170.00! Keep your eyes peeled for those! People love the lined ones!

  2. Marci says:

    I have a few packs of Dennison Gummed Labels. I haven’t sold them yet (cuz they’re red and white and cute all over) but holy moly they can bring good money on ebay!

  3. Wow….thanks for the “heads up” on those items….you just never know.

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