Weekend Wonder #11 and a prize alert…

Today’s prize on Late Night Market is this book:

It’s From Hearth to Cookstove: The Official Pictorial Price Guide to Kitchen Collectibles 1700-1930

This is a great book to help identify all those “Whatzits” that you find that you don’t know how they were used in the past. Filled with pictures and information!  It is an EX-library book…lest anyone think I’m pilfering my local library for prizes.

It’s also “Weekend Wonder” this weekend! A great opportunity to ask question or share information on the reselling business!

Just write your question in the comments section below!

Have a great weekend! Happy hunting and listing!

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4 Responses to Weekend Wonder #11 and a prize alert…

  1. Anonymous says:

    I list many things fixed price for 30 days. I’m wondering how many times is “normal” to relist an item. Should most things sell in 30 days? Or is it typical to have to relist a few times? Thanks! (many of the items even have “best offer”)

  2. Nancy says:

    Good question. I wonder that too. How do you keep track of how many times you’ve listed something? Is there an easy way?

  3. When I used to list a lot less items (50 or under)…I would list twice. If it didn’t sell…I would either:
    a) change something about the listing (i.e price, category, picture, info)and try it one more time.
    b) save it for the holiday season.
    c) put it with other “like” things and sell it in a lot.

    Now with my store…I keep things in until I need space in my inventory storage. I think some items help drive business to my store even if they don’t want to purchase that particular item.

    I hope this helps!

  4. claudia says:

    Hi Rebecca….I couldn’t find any more recent weekend wonder posts…I don’t understand how to price a book on amazon….the prices for the same book varies from .01 to 89.00 even 300 dlls…..I ask this because I found some trixie belden books , while doing my reaserch i found out that the paperback higher numbered books are much higher priced than the first 16 books…..but i don’t know how to price them….as a lot or individually….is there a completed listing search to see the average price for the books or is there something similar that i must look at that i am not familiar with
    …….thank you…..claudia

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