Okay….so yeah…growing up in the St. Louis area…I needed to give a shout out to the baseball team who happens to be in the National League Championship Series….

But my heading is also for another little treasure to keep your eyes open for in your thrifting adventures. And that is the vintage greeting card.

Last night, I sat down and started listing some of my vintage Christmas cards.  One in particular, which featured a Santa riding a ferris wheel, caught my eye when I picked it up to list. It had an artist signature (printed, not real) so  I decided to Google the name.  Glad I did.  It appears that this artist, Ralph Hulett, worked on several Disney animation films as a watercolor artist for their backgrounds.  He is quite collectible to many people.

Vintage greeting cards are an excellent example of ephemera.  People collect them for artwork, and in some cases, for the artist who created them.  Holiday, birthday, get-well….you name it…if it has a collectible look…it will most likely sell.

It’s definitely worth looking up VINTAGE CARD on Ebay and checking out what is selling. You can find these vintage cards just about anywhere…estate sales, garage sales, thrift stores,old scrapbooks…simply because most people don’t think they are worth anything.

Oh…and the Cardinals play the Brewers in Game 4 tonight at 8:05 (ET) on TBS. 



And check out today’s Scavenger Hunt contest on Late Night Market AND come back tomorrow for Flippin’ Friday!

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  1. janettetag07 says:

    Old blog post, but just came across it. Thought you might be interested in the Ralph Hulett Christmas cards my husband (Ralph’s son) posts every year on the Animation Guild website: http://animationguild.org/ And to the cards directly: http://animationguildblog.blogspot.com/search/label/Ralph%20Hulett%20Christmas There is quite a collection.
    –Janette Hulett

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