Thrifting Blog Digest-#1

A Weekly Rundown ofย  Some Great Thrifting Posts Found on the Internet.

The mother load of vintage Christmas things. Read here.

Another way to spot a great sale. Read here.

No one can know everything about everything. Read here.

Don’t pass up that nerdy calculator! Read here.

GREAT Halloween wreath to make! Read here.

Learn some great tips on buying a vintage camper/trailer. Read here

Some interesting thoughts on hoarding. Read here.

Being in the right place…at the right time. Read here.

A creative idea for all those “little things” you find. Read here.

Six pairs of shoes in 60 minutes. Read here.

That’s been this week’s “Thrifting Blog Digest”!

Come back tomorrow for “Flippin’ Friday!”…a chance to share your flippin’ stories with all of us!

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5 Responses to Thrifting Blog Digest-#1

  1. oldnndway says:

    I LIKE the Thrifting Blog Digest !
    Always looking for tips on what to watch for.

  2. truefinds says:

    Hi, thanks for sharing the blogs. Unfortunately, some of the links didn’t work for me, while others did.

  3. welllll i’ll add my blog to the mix ๐Ÿ™‚ i love the other ones you’ve put up here!

  4. Rebecca says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this Rebecca…thanks!! ~The “Other” Rebecca

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