It’s Flippin’ Friday! #56

It’s Flippin’ Friday again and time for those great stories about items you are “flipping”!

Last week, we had A LOT of great flips! We heard about a Muppet Bunsen Honeydew doll by Sababa toys, 2 pair of Dansko shoes, Keyboard magazines, Bean Bunny from the Muppets 3-D movie, a vintage 1980′s My Pet Monster doll, small Lenox Halloween figurine of a cat and a pumpkin,some Wilton themed bake pans,Chicos skinny jean leggings, and Ma Cuisine, vintage French hardback cookbook. Thanks everyone! And congratulations on all those flips!

Do you have a flip you would like to share? Simply write it in the comments section below…..big or small….we love them all!

Have a great weekend!

And remember to head over to Late Night Market to try and win some of the prizes that are still out there in the Scavenger Hunt!

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6 Responses to It’s Flippin’ Friday! #56

  1. Gretchen says:

    Once again, I had a great flip, I bought a Fossil fabric with leather trim crossbody bag at a church rummage sale for .50, I sold it yesterday for 37.00!!! Yippee. If only they were all that good.

  2. Corie Stern says:

    I remember some years back I listed my old Garrett Metal Detector and talk about getting hits on E-Bay….it was an older model and it did sell….

  3. shannon says:

    I found a big set of Value Tales kids books from the 1970s awhile back at Value Village. I knew they were books to keep an eye out for. A few weeks later I found some more at a GW. I wasn’t sure which ones I needed, so I took pictures of the titles and went home to check. I went back a few days later, hoping they were still there. They were! I was glad because there were some ‘rare’ titles there.
    I grabbed the ones I wanted and ended up with a total of about 35 books.
    I think I had about $30 into the whole lot.
    But, I just sold the whole lot for my full asking price of….

  4. Tril says:

    I found three new in box Care Bears with VHS tapes, and six Care Bears with tags at GW. Paid 12 dollars for all of them. I only listed two of the ones in the box but those sold for 21 each. I still have the list the rest but i’m off to a good start.

  5. I found a vintage Elsa Williams embroidery pillow kit at a rummage sale for $1, and sold it on ebay for $39! Not a huge score, but still good!
    (evidently, I haven’t learned to comment properly yet!)

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