Flippin’ Friday #57

Yay! Flippin Friday! Time to hear about those great flips you are having!

Last week, we had some great flip stories about a vintage Elsa Williams embroidery pillow kit,a Fossil fabric with leather trim crossbody bag,a Garrett Metal Detector, a big set of Value Tales kids books,three NIB Care Bears with VHS tapes, and six Care Bears with tags. Really great flips everyone….thank you!

If you have had a great item flip…share it with us in the comments section below! We love to read all of them! All the past Flippin’ Friday stories are here and the big list of things to look for is here. Now you are all set to hit those sales!

Have a great weekend and remember to visit Late Night Market for the NEW 11-Day Contest! Whoo-hoo!

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10 Responses to Flippin’ Friday #57

  1. Gretchen says:

    HI everyone. This week I sold a pair of minnetonka dearskin moccasins, I bought them for 2 dollars at a rummage sale, the bidding ending at 33.50! In the last 2 weeks I’ve bought 2 pair of boys timberland boots (2$ each pair) both were in extremely good condition. One is listed and bid on for 20.00, my husband talked me into keeping the other pair for my son to grow into, reasoning that we would never spend 70$ on a pair for him. (which is what they were going for!)….I’m really doing good with shoes, dankso, sas shoes (which I never heard of) Personal note, I prefer to sell costume jewelry, but it’s not easy to find. I go to an auction weekly, and their jewelry isn’t that great. Where is the good cool neat stuff?

  2. Nancy says:

    My great flip was that I had my first multiple purchase from a customer. She bought three things from me! I found that pretty exciting. To picture someone actually browsing through my store….I want more like that 🙂

  3. shannon says:

    someone gave me a set of Starbucks cards going back to 2002 when they first starting using them. Starbucks cards are actually collectible. Some are more rare than others. I added the ones I’d collected over the years and ended up with a lot of 76, with some doubles and triples.
    The lot sold the same day I listed it (yesterday) for $99.99!!

    I have one card listed separately and I’m hoping to get about $30-50 for just the one card.

  4. Jeanie says:

    Two flips here… the first is a craigslist flip. Hubby & I found a climbing tree stand (deer stand for hunting) at a yard sale for $10 and sold it within 1 week for $100. Deer season starts here in a week or so… got to keep an eye out for camo clothing & other hunting items.

    Second, I found a NIB Disney World Monorail Accessories Set (included 5 Disney Resort signs) at Goodwill for $5 and listed it on ebay on free auction day. I decided to put a crazy buy it now price on it… randomly went with $165 + shipping. Sold it within 24 hrs with buy it now! Funny thing though, hubby & I walked around that store carrying it for an hour. Couldn’t decide if we wanted to spend $5 on a box with 5 signs in it! A smart phone sure would have come in handy that day.

  5. I sold a pair of Cole Haan dress shoes for $70 that I found at a yard sale for $5.00 and I picked up a $1.00 Ann Taylor wrap dress and it sold for $25! Love the returns on items like these!

  6. Deeda in Seattle says:

    I had a pair of Cole Haan Gold Sandals go for $28, Dansko mary jane Clogs for $42, NWT Starbucks Seattle Bearista Bear for $16, and a kid’s Pokemon Marshmallow Bed Sleeping Bag (no air mattress) for $15… But my best find was a Vintage 1966 Mattel Major Matt Mason 6″ Bendable Space Astronaut Figurine w/ Helmet in Great Condition (older than me!) that went for $41 BIN…and I wished I asked for more! But not bad for something I dug out of the GW Outlet bins…

  7. Gina says:

    This flip is a couple weeks old, but I wanted to be sure I got feedback before posting it (went to another country so I wanted to be extra sure it got there). I bought a pair of Manolo Blahnik heels for $1.50 on half-price day at Salvation Army. Yes, the ones hyped on Sex & the City! It sold for $115 + ship. What a wonderful return, I was so excited!!! (It did sit for a month or so, I had it priced for almost $200).

    I need to find more great shoes like that!

  8. Rebecca says:

    My flip this week was a fantasy board game I had never heard of called “Mutant Chronicles Siege of the Citadel.” Almost passed it by at the local thrift store, but figured for $2.50 I would take a chance. Glad I did – it sold for my full asking price of $49.99 and it is going to Italy. Sold within a day so I probably could have gotten a little more, but I will take the $:)

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  10. Keep this going please, great job!

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