Knowledge is power….

Last Friday, I saw an ad for an estate sale that said the house was “packed”. And it was in my town.  It just doesn’t get better than that.

Or does it?

I normally don’t like to wait in line for sales. It brings my anxiety to a whole new level which can often ruin my fun. But I ended up arriving 15 minutes early and there were only 8 people gathered outside the front door. So I threw caution to the wind…and some coffee down my throat.

I really don’t know a lot of people personally who go to the sales in my area. I recognize them..but I prefer to remain anonymous.  And I don’t like small talk.  I like to stay focused and usually I’m waiting for the coffee to kick in and wake me up. Anyway…that doesn’t keep me from eavesdropping listening to the conversations. Which at this sale…inspired this post.

It was a “I don’t like second day estate sales” conversation. Not that this was a “second day” sale.  Now…I got a lot of information from this conversation about my competition.  One…they like the obvious finds and two….they like the obvious finds.  Which made me feel very confident going into the sale.

And no lie. The house was PACKED full by an elderly person with all kinds of little treasures.  I’m not going to lie…it was a bit dirty and dusty….but I like that. It means that some people will not want to stay and look around for very long. And I was right.

About 15 minutes into the sale, there were only three of us in there.  I was going through every drawer and shelf. It was BEYOND fun.  The people who liked the “obvious finds” had found a couple things and left.  I was FILLING my box with all kinds of neato treasures.  A vintage jadeite colored stapler, vintage greeting cards and wrapping paper, vintage patterns, vintage kitchen doo-dads, vintage books,vintage jewelry……it was great!  And best yet…the people running it were not happy with the “dirty stuff”…so the prices were awesome. I spent $30.00 and estimated about the value at $500.00 from the items I bought.  The “not so obvious” items.

So the lesson is….there are all kinds of treasures to be found…not just the obvious ones.  You can find them at small sales, end-of-the-day sales, remote thrift stores….anywhere.  You just have to do your homework and study what kinds of things sell.

I went across the street from this estate sale to another sale that someone threw together at the last minute. I picked up this book for 25 cents and sold it within the day for $45.00.  No one was even at that sale.

Knowledge is power….

And so is soap and water.

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5 Responses to Knowledge is power….

  1. Gretchen says:

    Where do you sell your books? Ebay or Amazon? Or Etsy? I went to a booksale yesterday (5$ a box!) brought home two boxes. Just curious, now I have to watch out for train books! Gretchen

    • I sell on Ebay….only because that is what I’ve been doing for 15 years. I know people that do quite well on Amazon. I don’t sell many books on Etsy…unless they are vintage and “kitschy”.
      Sounds like you got a good buy on your books! Congrats!

  2. Nancy says:

    Sounds like a fun sale!

  3. That sounds like an AMAZING sale, and definitely a fun time! Where you there for hours digging through stuff?

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