Clearing my head…while I clear out my stuff.

I imagine that most of you are listing like mad fiends right now. I certainly have been. And that’s why I took a break last week to go to an estate sale. Not because I needed anything…I just needed to clear my head. And sales get me pumped up again!

It was a good two hours into the sale, but I’ve trained myself to remember that that doesn’t matter. And again…it didn’t.

In one of the bedrooms, for a mere $10, there was a stack of various OLD ephemera on top of a dresser in a folder.  World War II rosters, two postcards from 1879 that were written from a Girl’s University, some miscellaneous pamphlets and little booklets, and this….

It’s a sweet little booklet from the 1914 Chicago Ice Wagon Drivers and Helpers Union Reception and Ball.  What a great piece of history! Inside has all the songs they played that night and the names of the various officers. I just love that it survived all these years! I’m listing it on Ebay this week as I’m sure someone has a connection to this area/history/occupation.

Of course…finding THIS would have been a tad more interesting.

Hope you are having a great week and great sales!

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One Response to Clearing my head…while I clear out my stuff.

  1. DogsMom says:

    WOW on the pirate treasure. We all keep dreaming of a find like that.
    Although I have not had time to attend any, I have put my name on more estate sale company’s email lists. Last weekend I hit a few open houses at antique stores I normally would not venture into. You never know where inspiration will find you. Also fun to see hefty price tags on things I have pulled from someone else’s trash.

    Great find on the ephemera. Those are the kind of things you can not look for, they have to find you.
    I hope getting out a bit regenerated you and energized you for another stint at listing.
    May your holidays be bright!

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