Holiday Season Roll Call!

  It’s a “Shameless Plug” weekend!

Write a little blurb about your store, website, or online presence and include a link to your site in the comment section below!  It’s just that easy….

We sell….AND we buy!

And don’t forget to add your great gift items to “Show and Sell” on the right hand side!

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5 Responses to Holiday Season Roll Call!

  1. nancy says:

    My passion is treasure hunting! I love to hunt for unique and hard to find items and bring them to you in my Ebay store Third Hand Shoppe!

  2. Leah says:

    Love to thrift, but can’t keep it all. Currently sell my items at Also feature them on my blog here… Happy Holidays! 🙂

  3. Tanya says:

    I started my eBay store over a year ago to get out of the stressful job of being a 911 dispatcher. I grew up being ‘drug around’ by my mom from garage sale to garage sale and now I’m glad that happened! I love passing along great deals on name brand items and finding my fun vintage pieces new homes.
    Visit me at:

  4. Jackie K says:

    Call me a suburban picker! Lucky to live with many thrift stores on the doorstep, I can get to them daily within my normal out and about drives.

    Easily pulled to nostalgic domestic items I do have a soft spot for stitching supplies and won’t pass up any general good finds.

    I sell on eBay: and have begun to dabble in vintage on Etsy:

  5. oldnndway says:

    I’ve been offering a selection of books on e-bay for a number of years.

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