Thrifting Blog Digest- #10

A Weekly Rundown of  Some Great Thrifting Posts Found on the Internet.

A lucky break at an estate sale…but there’s a price….Read here.

A GREAT find at an antique store…Read here.

The lonely process of listing….Read here.

A fun giveaway contest to enter….Read here.

A delicious retro holiday treat to make….Read here.

Great tips for shopping at an estate sale….Read here.

Some great thrift store finds…Read here.

Last minute vintage gift ideas for men…Read here.

“…and all I need is this thermos…and..”…Read here.

A pretty craft to do with Christmas cards…Read here.

That’s been this week’s “Thrifting Blog Digest”!

Come back tomorrow for “Flippin’ Friday!”…a chance to share your flippin’ stories with all of us!

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2 Responses to Thrifting Blog Digest- #10

  1. truefinds says:

    Thanks again for sharing these wonderful blog entries.

  2. Ira Mency says:

    AHAHAHAHAHH I found it Thanks so much to linking to RetroChalet blog aka Melmac Central. If I can return the favor contact me on Etsy. xoxoxo

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