Flippin’ Friday #66

It’s the last Flippin’ Friday of 2011! Let’s make it a GREAT one!

Last week, we had flip stories about a  vintage standing chrome ball ash tray, brass animals and brass small things, a “yuletide village” set of 10 putz houses, 2006 Starbucks Valentine Bearista,4 Vintage Santa Elves made in Japan, various name brand shoes, an electronic control panel from a Genie garage door opener,a college history course textbook, and three tiny 1979 Unieboek Made in Korea gnome ornaments.

If you have a great flip you’d like to share, just write it in the comments section below! We love reading them! Just be sure to include your item, what you paid, and what it sold for in the end.

And if you have any kind of listings you’d like to share, link them up in “Show and Sell” on the righthand side!

Happy New Year everyone!!!! Hope 2012 starts great for you!

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10 Responses to Flippin’ Friday #66

  1. Purchased the gay Earring Ken doll at a garage sale for 3 and resold for 17.69 (after shipping).
    Did others have a slower week in their stores this week? Seems like lots of traffic but not a lot of sales?

  2. Holly says:

    I should have posted about this BEFORE Christmas, but somehow it just slipped my mind. I was at GW a couple of weeks ago and saw a nice looking ornament more or less new in box, so I looked it up. I bought it for $3 and sold it for $35. When I told my mom, she was all “what on EARTH kind of ornament…” until I told her: it was a Hallmark Tin Locomotive from 1983. She seemed to think that sounded right, as apparently people have been collecting these Tin Locomotives for years. So if you see a Hallmark Tin Locomotive, it’s worth checking out.

  3. shannon says:

    This week has seemed about average for sales for me. Pretty steady. I ran a 20% sale all week, so that probably helped. Most items were sale items. But I leave enough wiggle room in my prices, that I still made good profit.
    My best sale this week was probably the red Ferragamo women’s shoes that I got at GW for 4.99. They sold for $59.99.

  4. Deeda in Seattle says:

    A Coworker gave my husband a bunch of costume jewelry(free) from her Stepmom’s estate she didn’t want…it contained a whole collection of Laurel Burch(known for her swirly cats) costume jewelry from the 80s–we’ve sold 8 items for almost $50, lots more still listed! A vintage cast iron stove toy with pots & pans wouldn’t move until after Xmas, but had lots of watchers, a few low-ball offers, but finally sold for the full $29.99 BIN price. A Webkinz Ice Dragon Plush without codes sold for $12.99(cost 99 cents). Sales REALLY picked up for me on Xmas Eve, and this has been my biggest week ever, along with my first ever 15% off eBay Store sale–this seems to have helped a bunch, selling stuff that hasn’t had even views or watchers! (It also seemed to bring out many extremely low offers…like the sale brought out the cheapskates??) On the 26th & 27th, I made 6 -7 sales a day, which was amazing. I’m going to extend the sale through Jan 2nd & hope for the best!

  5. Anonymous says:

    My SweetiePie has taken up thrifting with me. On a recent trip to GW he found a SnapOn racing shirt with all of the embroidered logos and stuff. It is something I may have picked up, probably not. He looks at guy stuff I look at womens, kids and household. Listed it about 11pm and the next morning I checked and it had sold at 6:45am. He got a big ol’ smooch as payment and I treated him to breakfast out!!

  6. Gretchen says:

    I’ve been moving alot of stuff this week. But nothing great sticks out. I’ve been surprised by the amount of stuff I sold on Christmas day. I now have an ebay store, and I’m liking it. I had one person buy 5 pins, asking 65.00, she offered me 50. When I figured out how much I’d save just by combining the shipping, I grabbed it. Gotta go find more jewelry, it’s been flying outta here. LOL

  7. Valerie says:

    Found 5 large toy dinosaurs at thrift store – 25 cents each. Have so far sold one for $30, and 2 for $23. There were 2 different brands- some were British Museum of Natural history, and the others were by Safari Inc.- carnegie Collection.

  8. Jackie K says:

    My Christmas week was fairly active – and numerous Xmas Eve/Xmas Day sales. Been flat ever since, but for lookers and watchers.
    Best flip was the Anchor Hocking hand painted casserole (Gay Fad style) that I bought for $3 and sold to Japan for $32.
    Happy New Year everyone – thanks for all your shares and information!

  9. mcook1015@gmail.com says:

    Found a pair of men’s Simon Miller brand Jeans that were never worn. I actually bought them for my son but they were too “skinny jean” for his taste. Paid $6.99 and just sold today for $49.99. Apparently they are Johnny Depp’s favorite jeans. Just thought you might enjoy that bit of trivia 🙂

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