Thrifting Blog Digest-#12

A Weekly Rundown of  Some Great Thrifting Posts Found on the Internet.

A great summertime item to BOLO….Read here.

A little “home office” inspiration….Read here.

This thrifter’s top ten list of her 2011 finds….Read here.

If you love those vintage tin dollhouses…Read here.

Another great post about business taxes…Read here.

Just so you don’t feel you are the only one doing massive organizing projects with your inventory…Read here.

I’ve said it…but it bears repeating right now…Read here.

Thinking about writing your own thrifting blog?….Read here.

Another pretty furniture makeover…Read here

Love upcycling?…this is just cool….Read here.

That’s been this week’s “Thrifting Blog Digest”!

Come back tomorrow for “Flippin’ Friday!”…a chance to share your flippin’ stories with all of us!

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