Flippin’ Friday-#70

It’s Flippin’ Friday!…..on the new address!!!!!  Please bookmark the new address www.latenight-coffee.com for future visits!  Same blog…just a different spot!

I’m working out all the bugs of the transfer….so bear with me.

Last week we had had some great flips involving a Chico’s Velvet Vest, a baby’s first year book,Starbucks Bearista BAHAMAS bear and 2 Vintage Flower sheets with “Mid-Century” look. Fun stuff! Thanks everyone!

If you have a great flip you’d like to share, just write it in the comments section below! We love reading them! Just be sure to include your item, what you paid, and what it sold for in the end.

Hope you find some great treasures this weekend!

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8 Responses to Flippin’ Friday-#70

  1. Jackie K says:

    OOoo – a nice new space!!!
    I have one decent flip from last week in this slow, slow new year. (Only began to list new items this week, though!)
    A trio of Denby Earth mugs that I bought for $0.49 each sold BIN for $48 within hours of listing. Musta’ listed them too low!! Loving the flip anyway…

  2. bought a vintage cheer leader sweater for $1 and resold for 24.50 +shipping

  3. Lynne says:

    I read “The Happiness Project” blog and on her blog, Gretchen mentioned that Amazon was sold out of her “Happiness Project Calendar” and that people had it listed for upwards of $7,000.00. Crazy. I knew that the Barnes and Noble in my town had them in stock so I bought 4 of them for $6.50 a piece (half-price). Lowest price they were listed for on Amazon was 48.00 and none were listed on eBay. Did a buy it now for each calendar for 25.00 each and sold them all. Nice and easy return. Will definitely check out out of stock calendars next year. There are several this year that seem to be selling really well.

  4. Danelle says:

    While it was not the best week I could think of…I was able to “unload”, err I mean sell four OOP learning boardgames. I think I spent about .50 per game on a half-off sale and all four went to one person for a BIN price of $10..00 each + shipping.

    I guess I shouldn’t really turn my nose up, since I made about a 38 dollar profit.

  5. I had a great week! (although it never feels GREAT enough, you know?) But my top three were :
    David’s Bridal bridesmaid dress, $1.00 – Sold for $29.99
    Travelsmith long dress, $1.00 – Sold for $29.99
    CAbi grenn wrap dress, $5.00 – Sold for $49.99

  6. laura says:

    I found a le creuset small sauce pan for 2 dollars, it was missing the knob–sold for 15 dollars–also found the top half of le creuset steamer plus lid and it sold for 30 dollars–both PLUS shipping costs–total out of pocket 6 dollars, total sold for 45 w/shipping paid by the buyers not bad for January

  7. Deeda in Seattle says:

    Schleich Standing Pegasus Figure $15 (paid .99), New Victorinox Swiss Army Red Tote Bag $15 (paid $2, 2nd one I’ve sold), Barney & Friends “BJ” 13″ Plush Toy w/ Rubber Sneakers $27 (paid .99), and 2 Butterfly Starbucks Bearistas (can you tell I live in Seattle, or what?) for $27 to the UK. The rest had Free Shipping. Slow week in general, but…I made Bronze PowerSeller! Which is just as well…DH found out he loses his job in a year. Think I can replace his income??!

  8. Shara says:

    I finally got back into the listing groove last week. I sold a Beaded Christmas Tree kit for $51.00 – I paid twenty cents for it at the Salvation Army. Sold a set of Dansk candlesticks for $46.00 – paid 50¢ at Goodwill. Sold a stone fruit apple for $52.00 that I paid 50¢ for at a yard sale. I had a few other good sales, but those were the highlights.

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