Weekly LAF (List and Find) #1

Welcome to the “Weekly LAF (List and Find)”!

Starting today, Monday’s  posts will now feature some suggestions for what to list, what to put on sale, and what to start finding during the week.  These are merely suggestions to help you start thinking about items that may be the most advantageous for sales in your business. I also welcome your suggestions in the comments section below!

List this week: Books with African-American authors and themes, Mardi Gras related items, Valentine’s Day and romantically themed items,  wedding or anniversary themed items,  Abraham Lincoln or George Washington themed items,  amethyst stone items, and cold weather items.

Put on sale:  New York Giants or New England Patriots items, Super Bowl party type items.

Start finding (in your inventory or adventures): St. Patrick’s Day items, raingear (umbrellas, galoshes, raincoats), any aquamarine jewels or colored items, books about women’s history, baseball related items, and Easter related items and clothing.

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3 Responses to Weekly LAF (List and Find) #1

  1. Paulette says:

    What an eye opener, I get your logic and can’t believe that I have never thought of this kind of selling strategy. Brilliant!

    • Nancy says:

      I’ve listed a few St Patrick’s Day Items and have my eye out of Mardi Gras. If you do searchs on ebay and completeds you can see what people are buying. Somewhere last year (too late for me) I read that people buy green jackets to wear on St Patrick’s day. I found one this weekend and listed it. Also found a couple of brand new vintage ties that were mostly green. Think of the barhopping that people do on St Patty’s Day and the Parades….

  2. Natalia says:

    it is also good time start listing gardening, homesteading books and such. A lot of people order seeds and planning the gardens in February – March, especially in the South.

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