Question & Answer Day!

Do you have a question about reselling? We may have an answer!

Example Topics: Thrift stores, garage sales, auctions, Ebay, Etsy, shipping, identifying pieces, organizing, taxes, small business, etc.

If it relates to reselling…….bring it on!  Between the readers and myself, we are bound to have an answer or two!

Post all questions and answers in the comments section below.

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9 Responses to Question & Answer Day!

  1. admin says:

    So I have one….

    I haven’t really ventured into the “clothing niche” too much. If you sell clothing, what are some of the challenges you have faced with selling in that niche?

    • kim says:

      I might be able to let you know in a month or so about the actual selling side of things, since clothing will be a substantial part of the booth I’m moving things into on Saturday at Kenrick antique mall here in St Louis. Up until now I’ve only been in the collecting phase, but one thing I can tell you from that side is that Goodwill drives me batty the way they write their (often prohibitively high anyway) prices right on the tags of vintage coats in Sharpie. So if you’re interested in coats, I’d look to almost any other thrift outlet. Beyond that, I’ll tell you I’ve taken a risk by accumulating a lot of kitschy (double-knit, etc.) items along with the more beautiful old things. We’ll see how that goes…

  2. Deeda in Seattle says:

    I have a lot of nice Vintage items to sell, and I’d like to try selling on Etsy. What are some of the challenges of selling on Etsy, and is the community much different than eBay selling?? I’m a bit intimidated about the expected ‘eye-candy’ photos and ‘staging’ expected…or how about the extra-steps in packaging or putting a ‘bonus gift’ in every package that I’ve read about? Do you do that? And will I need to build up feedback before selling successfully, do you think? What are your general experiences??

    • admin says:

      I started selling on Etsy about a year ago….then I stopped because I was overloaded with Ebay-type inventory and was pounding that out. I started putting more inventory back on Etsy right before Christmas and am really enjoying it.
      My thoughts:
      1) I like the creative side of taking the pictures and “staging”. It may be a few minutes longer…but its worth it and it definitely helps sales.
      2) I like the market Etsy has because I know it appreciates the things I put on the site.
      3) The fee cost is excellent. I amazed at the amount I sell and the amount I owe for fees.
      4) It has helped me improve my photos. I now try and take the same kind of “eye candy” photos for Ebay…which helps with sales there too.
      5) I don’t include a “free gift” but I do try and wrap a pretty bow around the item if possible or put in a kitschy card into my packages. Just something that makes it look nice when the box is opened. Again..its a few more minutes..but worth it for repeat business.
      6) Photos are easily taken. Natural light is the best for those “eye candy” photos. I have a spot in my kitchen that gets great natural light and I have set up a little photo spot. It really picks up the details of each item.
      7) I sold quickly…even with no feedback last year. Just know some people aren’t quick to leave feedback. I don’t beg for it…so my feedback is low..but I still sell. It’s a different community than Ebay…not so prickly with the feedback.
      8) It’s super easy to list. They are very user friendly.

      I say go for it! The cost investment is low,especially if you have the inventory. Find some great natural light in your home and set up shop…and least even a “portable shop”.

      I think others who sell there will agree…:)

    • admin says:

      I’m loving all these replies! Yes, yes….and yes to all the reasons!

      I wanted to add something else…I don’t know if its just my area…BUT I can’t tell you how many times recently I have gone to a sale late in the day…or even the next day, and found tons of great vintage things to sell on Etsy!

      I don’t think the site has caught up to the sales/thrift store shoppers yet around here…Yay me!

  3. Etsy > Ebay

    Mostly for the reasons listed above.

    Yes, you have to put more time and energy into your listing. But I have found this has also made me have more pride in the items I sell and my store front. I also think you get a different, kinder type of buyer on etsy. To me the difference between etsy and ebay is like a super center store vs. a boutique. You shop etsy, partly for the experience and you come back for the excellent handson customer service you get from most sellers.

    One of the best things I did after I joined etsy, was join a few “teams” Teams are set up for like minded sellers and work as large chat rooms. I have learned soooooo much from the teams I am on.

    Good Luck. And feel free to send me a message if you have more specific etsy concerns. I love it over there!

  4. Etsy is a wonderful community and in general much friendlier than ebay. I sell on both by the way. My bread and butter is ebay, but my passion is my etsy store.
    Etsy is so inexpensive to sell on and you have more communication with your customers.
    I also believe that there are so many more ways to market your items (teams, treasuries, ets).
    I too worried about the photos at first, I am definitely not a photographer. I started with a hunk o junk point and shoot. If you have this or even a dslr without special lighting, just take your photos outside against a white piece of paper, poster board, or sheet. I have a DIY photo studio that I mention on my blog, link below, that you will laugh when you see, but it is truly what I use to take my pics. I am still no expert, but my photos have come a loooong way!
    diy lightbox:
    diy studio:

  5. Marianna says:

    Greetings everyone! My question concerns mens neck ties. I’ve recently discovered some unusual and gawd awful ones so I was wondering if there is a market for them. Also what about “Ziggy” needlepoint patters.


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