Flippin’ Friday-#85

Welcome back to Flippin’ Friday! We’re now smack dab in the midst of garage sales and flea markets….so the flips are a’flippin’!

Last week, we read about a Thomas the Tank toddler bedding set , a pair of bright pink NWOT Adidas sneakers, a not so old (and broken) porcelain doll, and a Bloomingdale’s long silk embroidered trench coat.

LOVE those flips! Thanks for sharing!!!!

If you have a great flip you’d like to share, just write it in the comments section below! We love reading them! Just be sure to include your item, what you paid, and what it sold for in the end.

Looking for more great flips? Check out some more great Flippin’ Fridays here and all the great things to look for under “The List” at the top.  And I always keep my list too at the top under “Flips”!

Have a great weekend and happy hunting!

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4 Responses to Flippin’ Friday-#85

  1. Jackie K says:

    I’ve had a few nice sales on my ebay & etsy sites recently: A 4 yard length of Cleveland Indians baseball fabric – bought for $5, sold for $32. Two sets of vintage cast iron shelf brackets, bought for $4, sold for $48. A 6-pack of sealed TDK Hi8 camcorder tapes bought for $3 sold for $35. – Now if I could only make myself list faster – I’ve a whole room of inventory to plow through!!

  2. Carmen says:

    I found this incredibly cool looking puzzle at thrift yesterday, Crazy Maze by TOMY, paid .50 cents. I listed it as soon as I got home and this morning and it had already sold, for $29.99 free shipping. Read all about the puzzle here… http://properlyvintaged.blogspot.com/

  3. Deeda In Seattle says:

    Very, VERY slow week for sales. Sigh. 2 decent ones: Large LeSportsac Bag $40(paid 4), very unique, here’s the link: http://www.ebay.com/itm/280872922940?ssPageName=STRK:MESOX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1562.l2649 and King Babar & Queen Celeste 8″ Gund Plush from 1991 $33(paid 2). Going to run a sale this weekend, I hope that spurs the buyers on!

  4. Marci says:

    Found a Falor brand large aqua colored leather purse (made in Italy) Paid $3.00 and sold it for best offer of $50.00. Also sold a Nike tennis skirt for $14.00 (paid $3) and my last pair of Keens sandals for $33.00 (paid 1.00) Did manage to get 40 items listed on the free auctions ebay is running this week so hopefully next week will be better.

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