Thrifting Blog Digest- #32

A Weekly Rundown of  Some Great Thrifting Posts Found on the Internet

Nothing stops us when we want to thrift….Read here.

Identifying those “bottom of the toy box” treasures….Read here.

“Honey…maybe we should go to Disney World for our vacation”…..Read here.

Is that a flutter or a princess?….Read here.

Black or white? Oh wait…gray…Or maybe…..Read here.

Permanent bedhead….or is it?…..Read here.

Who knew?….Read here.

Keeping score….Read here.

A valuable resource for clothing resellers….Read here.

Gone fishin’…Read here.

That’s been this week’s “Thrifting Blog Digest”!

Come back tomorrow for “Flippin’ Friday!”…a chance to share your flippin’ stories with all of us!

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