Flippin’ Friday- #91

Welcome to Flippin’ Friday everyone! Summer is upon us and the garage sales are plentiful! Let’s find out what you are finding and selling!

Last week, we had a great story about a Iittala Thule 50 0z pitcher….GREAT flip story! Thanks Carmen!

If you have a great flip you’d like to share, just write it in the comments section below! We love reading them! Just be sure to include your item, what you paid, and what it sold for in the end.

Looking for more great flips? Check out some more great Flippin’ Fridays here and all the great things to look for under “The List” at the top.  And I always keep my list too at the top under “Flips”!

Have a great weekend and happy hunting!


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3 Responses to Flippin’ Friday- #91

  1. laura says:

    found a Form Drawing Book #1 for 25 cents, sold it for 25 dollars. not huge bucks but a nice profit from a quarter 🙂 keep an eye out for “waldorf” educational materials–THEY SELL WELL cheers! now I’m off to enjoy the 80˚ heat we got going on up here in Alaska!

  2. annabel52 says:

    Had a 50% off coupon for my favorite thrift!(love those) and found a Pyrex Flameware
    9 cup glass coffee pot in perfect condition. Listed it this morning at 9am and it sold at 2:30pm. Picked it up for $5 and sold it for $60. I have another one, only 6 cup and that sale has motivated me to get it listed!!

  3. Paula says:

    Thanks to tips from Late Nite Coffee have recently sold – pack of Polaroid film bought for 50 cents, sold for $20; lot of 11 new cassette tapes purchased for $1 sold for $20, brass wiener dog letter opener bought for $1 and sold for $36, lot of Tupperware key chains and magnets paid $1 sold for $17.50. Finally a surprise for me, I bought 4 small empty Tiffany cardboard boxes for 50 cents and they sold, buy it now, overnight, for $20. It all adds up!

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