Weekly LAF-#24

Welcome to the “Weekly LAF (List and Find)”! This post offers suggestions for what to list this week, what to put on sale, and what to be looking for in your inventory or thrifting adventures!  As always, I welcome your suggestions in the comment section below!

List this week:Back-to-school items and clothing,school uniforms (basic pieces),teddy bear related items, Olympics related items, teaching materials,camping/hiking items,“lots” of children’s books (especially in series), summer cookbooks, home decor, wedding related items, bbq related items, picnic related items, anniversary related items, outside play/sports related items, gardening related items and books, DIY house/yard projects books, books/dvd’s/cd’s with math and reading practice lessons, baseball related items, children’s dvd’s,vacation related items, scrapbooking related items, summer related clothing, summer related toys, children’s series books

Put on sale: Summer outdoor toys

Start finding (in your inventory or adventures): Fall related home decor items, fall crafting items,fall clothing

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3 Responses to Weekly LAF-#24

  1. Diana says:

    I am having a hard time finding where to subscribe. I actually need to re-subscribe because for some reason I no longer receive your emails! 🙁 I’ve searched this site for the subscribe button but can’t seem to find it . Can you please help? Thanks.

    • Hi!

      If you have subscribed, the form may not show up on the blog for you. They may start showing up now as I have updated the site. Also, check your spam folder for posts if you continue to have the same issue.

      Thanks for your interest in the blog and for the heads up!


  2. Diana says:

    Unfortunately, no, your posts aren’t going to my spam folder. (I know because I check every day). I now see the subscribe button so whatever you did worked. I tried to re-subscribe but it wouldn’t allow me to because it says I already subscribe, so I used my secondary email address. At least I’ll know to look there for your fun posts! Thanks.

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