Summer means ice cream…and ice cream means milkshakes! And along with that, the necessity of milkshake cups for milkshake machines!

These stainless steel cups are a hot commodity to those who have those coveted milkshake machines. These cups can sell easily between $10.00-$50.00 depending on model and size.

Definitely do some research under “milkshake cups” on Ebay to find out what to look for in your adventures!

This is definitely a COOL find!

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2 Responses to Dooyahavwun?

  1. kathleen finocchi says:

    Yes! Among all of us we have 2!

    • Marianna Stephens says:

      Not only do I have the stainless steel cup, I have the original 1950’s green “agitator thingy” that came with the cup. It was my grandmothers. I couldn’t part with it…how much is it worth? 😉

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