Happy 2nd Anniversary to this Blog!

This past weekend my blog turned two.

It’s been a lot of fun writing, conversing, learning, and making new friends who have the same passion I have for thrifting.  And I’ve appreciated each and every one of you who have helped keep this site alive and “happenin”.

I have some fun, new posts I’m going to be rolling out here in the next month.  And based on your responses to the poll, I will be keeping the posts that are of value. Thanks to all for participating in the poll.

As with most things, it does take some time to write and keep up with a blog.  I took a break last week and will probably have fewer posts in the next couple weeks due to the many “back to school” things I need to accomplish.

Thanks again for reading and participating in this blog! Here’s to another great year of “Late Night Coffee”!

Happy Thrifting!

Rebecca 🙂


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