True Stories from the Thrifting World

You know the look.

Glazed eyes. Slumped shoulders. Tapping foot.

It’s the classic “Please Don’t Tell Me Another Thrifting Story” look that a lot of our family and friends have when we begin yet ANOTHER one of our fantastic junking stories.

We can’t help it. We have to tell someone.They are just too good to keep inside.

Well…here’s your chance to tell these stories to people who WANT to hear them.

Starting today, Late Night Coffee will devote each Monday to you and your fascinating thrifting tales. Maybe you found the deal of a lifetime at an estate sale. Maybe you went to a fascinating garage sale. Maybe you saw an interesting item at a thrift store. It doesn’t matter.


Let us be your audience. We appreciate the time it took to stand in line….to negotiate a deal… jump over three pieces of furniture to get to that dish you’ve been looking for.


So type away in the comments section below. Entertain us with your thrifting adventures…

….and give your family and friends the break they’ve earned.

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One Response to True Stories from the Thrifting World

  1. admin says:

    My story happened this weekend when I did a “pop in” to a thrift store. Headed to my favorite crafting supply area, when what did I see on the shelf nearby? A set of Remington Tight Curls with the clips. I have not seen a set since last year. I love to continue thrifting at a store when I know I’ve already made some future cash.

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