True Stories from the Thrifting World

Do you have a great thrifting story from this past week?

Share it with us in the comments section below!

We would love to read about great garage sales, interesting finds, or any other amusing, thrifting adventures you’ve had!

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2 Responses to True Stories from the Thrifting World

  1. laura says:

    I bought a chicken waterer in my wanderings–they cost a LOT new so 5 buck was a great price–I had it in my cart and 3-4 people commented on it and then walked off muttering about how FEW chickens it would water-I think it a move to get me to put it back-I have 46 birds right now and I like to keep multiple waterers filled so everyone can get a drink whenever they would like–I felt like saying something but I smiled and rolled on snug in the knowledge that I was getting a GREAT deal

    • admin says:

      Good for you for sticking with your guns! And congratulations on your fun find! It always feels good when you find something a lot cheaper that you need. Yay!

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