Flippin’ Friday-#100!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Flippin’ Friday!!! The 100th Flippin’ Friday!

First, I want to apologize for the absence of posts this week. Between Hurricane Isaac and a child sick with “new school year germs”…..the blog had to take a backseat.

Second…I want to announce…in honor of the 100th Flippin’ Friday….a contest will be held.  Every person who submits a “flip” story  on this post will be entered into a drawing for a $50.00 Starbucks card. Just in time for fall….whoo-hoo! All stories must be received by midnight on Sunday, September 2. One entry per person. All names will be placed in the famous plastic bowl and one winner will be drawn out.  The winner will be posted on Monday!

Last week, we had some more terrific flip stories. They included a boxed set of Dick and Jane hardcover books, a Disneyland Goofy costume, a Monster’s Inc. Mike Wazowski costume, and a an instruction booklet for a vintage portable RCA phonograph.

Thank you all for your stories….we learn so much from all of them!!

If you have a great flip you’d like to share, just write it in the comments section below! We love reading them! Just be sure to include your item, what you paid, and what it sold for in the end.

Looking for more great flips? Check out some more great Flippin’ Fridays here and all the great things to look for under “The List” at the top.  And I always keep my list too at the top under “Flips”!

Have a great weekend and happy hunting!

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26 Responses to Flippin’ Friday-#100!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Tammy Greene says:

    I am so excited to finally be able to share a decent flip on Flippin’ Friday. I found a beautiful Arthur Armour hammered aluminum tray for $4. Once I decided I could live without it, I listed and sold it for $34.99. I think someone got a really good deal and I immediately thought, “Now this is a flip worthy of sharing on FF!”.

    Congratulations on 100 Flippin’ Fridays! Here’s to the next 100!

  2. Rebecca says:

    I had a couple of good clothing flips this week – I found a Coachella music festival shirt for $1.99, listed and it sold within hours for $29.99 (to one of those places that broker for Japan.). I also sold a pair of World Industry snowboard pants that I bought for under $5 for $39.99. In other news, that darn Slurpee machine I have is CURSED! First buyer didn’t pay, second buyer with ZERO feedback paid right away but woke up to an email this morning from her saying she wants to return as she “was trying to buy a real slurpee machine i miis understood the product.” Really??? I take returns but told her she has to pay the return shipping amount (since it is not my fault she appears to be an idiot) – from GA to CA, it is a chunk of change. Oh well, maybe the third time will be the charm (if it makes it back to me in one piece).

  3. Tina says:

    I bought a Darth Vader voice changer helmet/mask 2 weeks ago at a yard sale for $5, I finally got around to listing it a few days ago and it sold for 49.99 with free shipping (which cost me about $7) It sold within 4 hours which was great, because mine was priced a little higher than some others that were also listed. I added video of it working so I think that helped get a quick sale!

    • Kari says:

      That’s awesome! I was wondering how much they sell for. I bought one a couple weeks ago for $2. Not sure that I will get it away from my Star-Wars-obsessed son anytime soon though. 🙂

  4. Tanya says:

    I sold a Winnie the Pooh Christmas denim dress for $24.99. I’ve had it in my store for $29.99 since before last Christmas. I was tired of lookign at it so I ended the original listing, did a sell similar, dropped the price, and it sold that day. I was also happy to sell a set of Windmere hot rollers for $29.99.
    Congrats on 100!! That takes dedication!

  5. Kimberly says:

    My best flip recently was a Radio Flyer wagon- bought for $15, sold for $70! It was the nice plastic kind with flip up seats, buckles, and cup holders. I had it priced high because I secretly wanted to keep it, but for a quick $55 I’ll be on the look out for another one!!

  6. Henry says:

    My best flip this week was a Sears & Roebuck Atomic Star clock. Sold within a day or two of being listed. Woohoo; made a fast $40 and I’ll always take a fast $40 over a slow $100 anyday!

  7. Rebecca says:

    I was on vacation a few weeks ago and found a Little Einsteins Pat Pat Rocket for $4. I put it up on ebay and it went to $115.00 plus shipping. When I picked it up I wasn’t sure it was complete-I’d never actually seen one in person before. I also got a Little Einsteins Transformer for $4 that is till waiting to be listed. The same weekend I went to a Goodwill by the pound store and found two sets of vintage McDonaldland twin sheets. These were really heavy and I almost didn’t buy them. Paid a whopping $5 for them. The first set has sold for $39 plus shipping. At the same time I found a new cashmere sweater from Saks but my son has snagged that already. The sweater cost $1.15.

    Congratulations on hitting 100.

    • Leah says:

      You might want to list the second set as an auction, as you may get considerably more for them. I listed a set with some light stains and a name in black marker… pictured and defined all defects, buyer contacted me for a Buy It Now price, which I did for $49.99 and they took them.

  8. Slow summer for me and starting to pick up lately. Best flip recently was a set of 18 sealed blank audio cassette tapes that I bought for $1.99 and sold for $21.99 to a vintage car collector in California who only has tape decks in his vehicles!. Aren’t the customer stories the best sometimes!

  9. Wow- Some great flips this week 🙂

    I sold a 1980s light-up globe I purchased from an estate sale (purchase price $15.00)
    It sold for $95.00. YAY! I love globes- I just wish they were easier to pack up and ship out.

  10. Corie says:

    I had a nice flip….and much appreciated as I’m not a very good reseller….I asked a gal that was moving if she had any jewelry….her friend brought out some beautiful items….vintage brooch’s from possible the 1940’s to the 50’s…so listed 3 of the brooch’s and sold for about 20.00. My items cost $8.00 but the added bonus on some of the broken jewelry their was a 24 kt. gold piece along with some sterling and I got over $125.00 at my recycler’s!!!! Once in awhile you hit the jackpot!

  11. Ani says:

    A while back I was in an antique store that was going out of business and I saw a carding machine for wool. I talked them down to $35 and then it just sat in my house until a summer resident told me that she had forgotten her carding machine back in Arizona…….I sold her mine for $100 . Yay…..It would have been a pain to ship as they are pretty big and unwieldy.

  12. Andrew says:

    Here are my recent flips:

    1) Set of Carlton Sheets DVDs about buying real estate with no money down. I got these at a moving sale. The owner told me I could have them for free and wished me good luck in my real estate endeavors, but I found a better place for them — eBay. Sold for $75.00 (with free shipping):

    2) 12 unused, still sealed blank tape cassettes, high quality metal cassettes (Sony and TDK brands). I bought these at a garage sale for $.50 a piece ($6.00 total). I am selling them in lots of three. So far, I have sold 2 lots for $42.00 total on ebay.

    3) I picked up a still sealed vintage computer game called “The Bards Tale” at Salvation Army for $1.15. Sold for $50.

  13. Susan says:

    I’ve had 8 sales in my Etsy shop this month, which is a record for me, I think. Just sold a 1970s children’s sewing pattern for $3.95 (10 cents) and it is going to England – I am intrigued by my international buyers! I’ve also done well the past two weeks selling my kids’ college textbooks on craigslist and half.com – my goal is to sell them and roll over the money into the next semester’s books. So for example, I sold a HIST 1301 text for $20 cash and found a HIST 1302 text on Craigslist for $30 – had to add a ten but not a bad deal all around, and of course that 1302 text will go up for sale in December! I haven’t had any FABULOUS flips like some of the other commenters, but your stories keep me hopeful. (I’ve got some unopened blank cassette tapes that I’ve simply got to get listed!)

    Congratulations on 100 Flipping Fridays!

  14. Barbara says:

    I found a Miche classic bag with five shells for $5 total and finally listed them this week. Sold one shell by itself for $34.99 with free shipping and the rest as a lot for $95; those went to Canada, so the buyer paid shipping.

  15. Beth says:

    I just love your blog and Happy Blogversary!~~~I found an envelope with prints of 12 photos of Washington Redskins players from the 50’s. I paid 25 cents for it intending to give it to my husband as he is redskins fan. He said they were nice but he really doesn’t collect Redskins stuff from the 1950’s. OK…So I put the envelope of 12 photo prints on ebay and after a 7 day auction, I nearly passed out when these prints sold for $325! Who knew? Good thing too as our son started college a week ago.~~~Cheers!~~~Beth

  16. Marci says:

    Sold an Elmo toddler costume for $24.99 (paid 2.00), some Matisse womens cowboy boots for $40.00 (paid 5.00) and a lot of clothes this month~must be picking up because school started. I can’t believe you hit 100 flippin friday posts! Well I would like to thank you because I have probably flipped 100 items that I learned about throught those posts, so keep em’ coming!

  17. Tiffany says:

    I know there is a previous post for the Little Einsteins Pat Pat Rocket, but I flipped one as well. Bought for $2, sold it for $90! Congrats on the 100th Flippin Friday!

  18. Kari says:

    This afternoon I sold a throw blanket featuring Oregon lighthouses for $47.99. I actually received it as a wedding gift several years ago, so my oop expense was $0.

    Congrats on the milestone!

  19. Nisha says:

    One of my best flips was something I picked up from my small town library in the free section of the foyer. It was the book Shogun, which I knew nothing about, but it looked interesting. This particular version had both volumes bound in one book. (I would learn later that the two seperate volumes don’t sell as well – and that the scribble I could barely make out was actually the author’s signature) It sold for $115 in auction!

  20. Julianne says:

    New in package Tamagotchi virtual pet version3 paid .50 and sold for 29.99 with free shipping. Look out for these! Some versions go for more..Ive found groups of them in bins mixed with keychains 🙂

  21. DeedaInSeattle says:

    I sold some large (20″) Unicorn & Pegasus Plushes in Exc Cond for $25 & $30, and they probably cost me a $1 or so at GW Outlet. A matching pair of Disney Mickey Mouse Ears B&W Coffee Cup Mugs for $40 (paid 2 for both). Purses & Bags have been doing very well for me, I sold an Eddie Bauer Black Satin Quilted Large Hobo Shoulder Bag for $30 (cost $3), a 1154 Lill Studio Custom Messenger Bag for $33 ($2), a Vintage Etienne Aigner Black Leather Purse for $26 (.50 at GW Outlet again), and my favorite: a NWOT Timbuk2 Rare Yoga Messenger Bag for $77 (paid 20). All with Free Shipping, which I might not use for heavy items anymore…

    I love reading the Flippin Friday comments!

  22. laura says:

    sold a dyson power head for the a small dyson–husband gave it to me and the power head didn’t work–it ended up being the HOSE and not the head but they sent us a head first to repair it and not the hose…told us to keep it–this was several years ago–finally got tired of looking at it and decided to list it—sold for 65$ w/free shipping sold within a day of relisting it AFTET it sat for a week–goes to show you never know WHO is going to need what!

  23. Paula says:

    I picked up a pair of Orvis waders at a thrift store for $2 and they sold for $43.56. Also able to sell a WAECHTERSBACH Red Plate received as a gift, but never used for $40. Will have to pick those up when I see them. Didn’t realize they were so popular.

  24. The Other Rebecca says:

    Congrats on 100 FF, Rebecca! LOVE reading about all these great flips too!

    Here are a few of my fun fragrance flips:
    Vintage Bleu Hawaii Eau de Toilette EDT Perfume…paid $2 at a thrift store and sold for $29.99
    Vintage Emeraude Coty Parfum de Toilette Perfume Crown Bottle…paid $2 and sold for $59.99
    Discontinued Bath & Body Works Butterfly Flower Body Mist…paid 50 cents at a church sale and sold for $59.99
    Vintage Ralph Lauren CHAPS After Shave…paid 50 cents at a shed sale out in the country…sold for $69.99

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