With the cooler weather approaching, people will be thinking about what crafts they will be doing.

Cross stitch has always been a popular craft and the Dimensions brand of cross stitch has been a popular choice with cross stitchers.

Keep your eye out for the Dimensions “Gold Collection” line, as these are the ones that are worth the most. Kits sell between $30.00-$150.00 on Ebay, depending on theme and scarcity. This particular line has a great sell-through rate, although many Dimensions kits do well. It would pay to research them on Ebay.

Hope one will “cross” your path!

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  1. Barbara says:

    You are right on the cross-stitch kits; they can be worth some money and are sooooo easy to list. I bought a lot of 36 kits (for $56) a couple months ago and have now sold all but six of them, with my total profit to date being a little over $350. The Christmas stocking kits sold the best, with the highest being a western Santa that sold for $42.99. Only Christmas kit left is a golf snowman and I can’t figure out why no one wants it. Will keep it listed and hope it goes soon; the remainder will go in a lot once the listings end. So do keep an eye out for these kits, especially if you can buy a lot!

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