With the racks of Halloween costumes being putting out in the thrift stores now, make sure you keep your eyes open for one particular brand name.

Pottery Barn, in addition to its great home decor, also does well in satisfying customers with its Halloween costume line.

These various children’s costumes are adorable.  They include animals, food, and a variety of fantasy characters. Depending on theme and condition,costumes easily sell between $15.00-$60.00 on Ebay. It definitely would be worth researching “Pottery Barn costume” on Ebay.

Finding one would definitely be a “treat”!


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3 Responses to Dooyahavwun?

  1. Margaret says:

    Thanks for the tip. The Halloween costumes at our Goodwills are so high though…

    Margaret @ Live Like No One Else

    • Margaret says:

      Okay…so I just went and checked the completeds on the Pottery Barn costumes…and if you do your research, even if a costume costs $15 (like at our Goodwill), it’s still worth picking up as I’ve seen so many that go from $40-$70.


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