Just some helpful reminders….

The holiday buying season is almost upon us! Here are just a few things to remember to help make it as successful as possible.

1. Get your shipping supplies in order. Find a convenient, organized space for all of your supplies: boxes, tape, peanuts, bubble wrap, tissue paper, labels, envelopes, etc.  And find a good, inexpensive supplier like Pack it Right to keep your overhead down.

2.  Review the post office tips for holiday mailing to ensure your items get to your recipients on time and in one piece. Take advantage of the flat rate Priority Shipping (and the boxes) to help with shipping rates on your heavier items.

3.  Approach the season with a level head. Remember everyone is stressed this time of year. Don’t take emails personally.  Be professional and factual.  Empathizing goes a long way. The customers who buy from you in the next three months may also be the ones who buy from you after the holiday season is over if they had a positive experience.

4. Use delivery confirmation/tracking on everything you possibly can.  Seriously.  The extra expense will save your sanity when people start anxiously wondering where their package is or when it was sent.

5. Don’t skimp on packing items. Just picture your package at the bottom of a TON of packages and protect its contents accordingly. Again, a little effort will save a lot of stress on both ends.

6. This is the best time of year to sell one-of-a-kind items and collectibles. Go through your stash and ask “Would someone buy this for someone else or themselves as a gift?”. If so, it’s a good bet to list.

7. Ship packages quickly…next day if possible.  If you show your customer that you did all you could to get their item to them as fast as possible, it lessens the chance they will get upset if it takes longer to reach them….which can happen during the holidays.

8. Remember the season starts around the beginning of October and goes into the first couple weeks of January.  And while a lot of people put a lot of stock into Black Friday or Cyber Monday, it’s smart to keep a good, steady stream of items listed throughout the buying season.

Do you have a great tip for resellers for the holiday season? Just write it in the comments section below!

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  1. Marci says:

    These are helpful, thanks. I didn’t have a store last year and I do now so I am really hoping to have a great holiday season of selling. I am getting excited and a bit anxious to get it all listed and the fun to begin (if only I didn’t have another full time job that took away most of my time!)

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