While the retail stores are packing them in….

Don’t forget that the thrift stores have been getting tons of donations from people clearing out their old “stuff” to make room for new “stuff”.

Translated: There’s a bunch of good stuff at thrift stores right now!

Have a great Thanksgiving!

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2 Responses to While the retail stores are packing them in….

  1. Corie L Stern says:

    I notice you flip alot of specialty books….I try to sell books on amazon but not doing well in that department do you sell on amazon or ebay or which site for your specialty books? Enjoy your informative site and Happy Thanksgiving! Corie

    • admin says:

      Hi Corie!

      I sell books on Amazon and Ebay. I personally don’t do especially great on Amazon…. but enough not to pull the plug on it yet. I think I do better on Ebay because I sell nonfiction, so I can appeal to to both bookreaders…and to people who are interested in the topics I have available.

      I also sell some vintage books and craft books on Etsy. They do fairly well there too.

      I hope you have had a great Thanksgiving too! 🙂

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