Flippin’ Friday-#117

flippinfridayWelcome back to another edition of “Flippin’ Friday!” I hope you are having a great start to the new year with some great flips!

Last week, we had some great tips relating to jeans…namely Lucky jeans.  Thanks Mike and Corie for the info!

If you have a great flip you’d like to share, just write it in the comments section below! We love reading them! Just be sure to include your item, what you paid, and what it sold for in the end.

Looking for more great flips? Check out some more great Flippin’ Fridays here and all the great things to look for under “The List” at the top (which is still a work in progress).  And I always keep my list too at the top under “Flips”!

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5 Responses to Flippin’ Friday-#117

  1. Mike says:

    I sold two items yesterday… A J Press seersucker sport coat and a Barbour Heritage Flannel shirt (paid a total of $8 for the two and sold for a combined $53 +shipping). More to come… Two auctions ending today.

  2. laura says:

    bought 3 starbucks mugs for 10 bucks one is at 37 dollars right now closes tomorrow–sold a box of diskettes for 20+shipping on amazon and a book for 6 bucks +shipping — bought the diskettes for 25¢ and the book cost 50¢

  3. laura says:

    The Starbucks mug closed at 47 dollars PLUS shipping!!

  4. Technically these are my daughters flips – though we used the proceeds for both of us to attend an Animation Convention in Miami!!
    American Girl Steps High horse – $60+shipping
    Lot of 5 Monster High dolls and accessories – $86+shipping
    All from her unused toys closet – so no cost to us!!
    We know that American Girl items sell well, but had no clue that the Monster High dolls did too.

  5. Mike says:

    Dang, I really need to pickup the Starbux mugs, I guess…

    My best flip this weekend was a pair of Crockett & Jones shoes. I paid $25, sold for $99 +shipping. Not bad… I would’ve done better if they were a more common size (13E).

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