Weekly LAF -#27


Back by popular demand! The Weekly LAF!

List this week: Books with African-American authors and themes, Mardi Gras related items, Valentine’s Day and romantically themed items,  wedding or anniversary themed items,  Abraham Lincoln or George Washington themed items,  amethyst stone items, and cold weather items.

Put on sale:  Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers items, Super Bowl party type items.

Start finding (in your inventory or adventures): St. Patrick’s Day items, raingear (umbrellas, galoshes, raincoats), any aquamarine jewels or colored items, books about women’s history, baseball related items, and Easter related items and clothing.

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2 Responses to Weekly LAF -#27

  1. Mali says:

    Thank you so much!! We love this post – all the way up to Norway!

  2. admin says:

    You are welcome! 🙂 Glad to see you here!

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