Weekly LAF-#31

Welcome to the “Weekly LAF (List and Find)”!

This post offers suggestions for what to list this week, what to put on sale, and what to be looking for in your inventory or thrifting adventures!  As always, I welcome your suggestions in the comment section below!

robinglassList this week: Robin the Wonder Boy items,NBA related items,books on famous women in history,NCAA basketball related items,Pisces related items,  amethyst stone items, gardening related items and books, DIY house/yard projects books, SAT/ACT prep books, books/dvd’s/cd’s with math and reading practice lessons, baseball related items, St. Patrick’s Day related items,tax help related items, raingear (umbrellas, galoshes, raincoats), any aquamarine jewels or colored items , Easter related items and clothing, spring break related clothing, children’s dvd’s,spring cleaning/organizing related items,vacation related items, scrapbooking related items,picnic related items

Put on sale: Winter related items

Start finding (in your inventory or adventures):  home decor, wedding related items,Mother’s Day related items, bbq related items,  anniversary related items, outside play/sports related items.

Have a great start to your week!

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