Check these out!

Here are the people who shared their flips last week.  Check out their blogs and websites to show your support!

Mike is the author behind the blog “Thrift Shop Finds“.  If you are a clothing reseller, he has some great tips on various clothing lines to keep an eye out for in your adventures.  Lots of great posts on this site!

Like thrifting? Like crafting? Like cooking? Then you’ll LOVE this blog by Laura called “Hey, What’s For Dinner Mom?”.  Filled with all kinds of great posts that make you feel like you are sitting and talking at Laura’s kitchen table while she whips up something yummy to eat!

Looking for some great retro items to spruce up your kitchen? Visit Eight Mile Vintage at Etsy for some really cute items! She also has some wonderful patterns and jewelry..definitely worth the look!

And I want you to give a great big thrifting “Howdy!” to thrifting newcomer “Scoobie”.  She’s new to the “biz” but WOW!….she is already good at thrifting! Check out her recent finds on last week’s Flippin’ Friday. She’s got the eye! Good luck Scoobie!

 Thank you again for sharing your flips! We learn from each other!

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