Weekly LAF-#34

GI-JoeList this week:GI Joe items,home decor, wedding related items, bbq related items, picnic related items, anniversary related items, outside play/sports related items, gardening related items and books, DIY house/yard projects books, SAT/ACT prep books, books/dvd’s/cd’s with math and reading practice lessons, baseball related items,  raingear (umbrellas, galoshes, raincoats),  children’s dvd’s,spring cleaning/organizing related items,vacation related items, scrapbooking related items,spring clothing,spring crafting supplies,Mother’s Day related items, summer related clothing, summer related toys,Vacation Bible School related items, children’s series books

Put on sale: Winter related items, NBA related items,NCAA basketball related items,tax preparation items

Start finding (in your inventory or adventures): Father’s Day related items

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