Earth Day is Monday, April 22- Let’s Celebrate Secondhand!!

Time to celebrate our Earth!

In honor of this day, I’ve set up a special “Show and Sell” page for all the  awesome resellers out there!  We definitely help out the REUSE portion of being “green”.

Add up 5 links a day to your secondhand items you have for sale until midnight on Monday, April 22.

Great way to showcase your awesome things!

Just click “Show and Sell” at the top of the page. If you are unfamiliar with linking…it’s easy. Simply click the button on the bottom of the post that says “add your link”.  Copy and past the URL  of your product into the first line.  Then write the name of your product (not your name) where is says name. Then put your email address (which is not posted anywhere…and I can’t see them either..or at least I don’t know where to find them)  That’s it!

AND…if you are looking for some great Earth Day activities for the kiddos…check out this Earth Day Pinterest board by clicking on the picture of Mr. Recycle Head Man!



Project and photo:

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