Flippin’ Friday- #129

flippinfridayWelcome back to Flippin’ Friday! Your headquarters for finding out what people across the country are buying….and reselling!

Last week, Mike and Donna shared their flip stories about an Ebay cycling jersey,two  pairs of Lowa hiking boots, a North Face Down Parka, and 2 Bucilla Christmas felt stocking kits.

GREAT flips! Those were some awesome finds!

If you have a great flip you’d like to share, just write it in the comments section below! We love reading them! Just be sure to include your item, what you paid, and what it sold for in the end.

Looking for more great flips? Check out some more great Flippin’ Fridays here and all the great things to look for under “The List” at the top (which is still a work in progress).  And I always keep my list too at the top under “Flips”!

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5 Responses to Flippin’ Friday- #129

  1. grace says:

    super why! talking plush pd .50 sold 39.00
    littlest pet shop pd 5.00 sold 43.50
    4x princess dress up dresses paid 1.00 sold 50.75
    3x pippi longstocking books pd .75 sold 9.99

    **all had shipping extra not included in purchase price**

    maybe its just me having little kids but i LOVE toys and kids books 😀
    and this week i found more than a half dozen authentic coat purses at under 20.00 im so excited to sell them this week

  2. erica says:

    I’ve found that Lululemon can be hit or miss, but I bought a pair of men’s work to play pants (Paid $20) and they sold that day at a B.I.N for $50. I should’ve priced them higher *Hand hits head*

    Also, I listed a vintage liberty of london dress shirt and sold it the next day for $27 (paid 50 cents) I know that’s not a HUGE profit, but I was REALLY surprised at the amount of search hits I got for it, now I know it is very desirable! (Some vintage Liberty of London tags only say LIBERTY, fyi. They’re great too!)

    Also, I’ve always done really well with plus size dresses. Sold two that cost $8.00 for a total of $109 to the same buyer.

  3. admin says:

    Wow…you guys have had a great week! And interesting items too…congrats!

    Hope you have another successful week!


  4. Mike says:

    Nice flips, everyone!

    I’ve had a decent weekend, though the better flips were in the dress/sport shirt category. I sold two Robert Graham shirts (one for $69 that I paid $6 for; the other for $25, I paid $5). I also sold two Burberry London dress shirts (pink and NWT) for $57 each (paid $19 each).

    Otherwise, I’m still hoping for some big sales… = )

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