horsetrapperI actually found a vintage Trapper Keeper today.    So, of course, I looked up what they were worth….and wow! They are certainly something to keep your eyes open for in the future.

Now, I don’t know if you were as hard on your school supplies as I was, but obviously some people either never used their Keeper or they just took UBER good care of them.

If you find one from the 80’s  that is in good condition, definitely pick it up!  They sell between $30.00-$60.00 and have a FANTASTIC sell-through rate.  It would definitely pay to look them up on Ebay for the different kinds. Mine was sitting right out in the open in the book section of a thrift store.

Hope you can “trap” one in the future!

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  1. Scoobie says:

    I “trapped” one a few weeks ago. It still had two folders in it. From the Designers line. It even had a rip in one corner with the cardboard showing. I bought it for .75 and sold it for $25! I knew it would sell since there were other “design” ones on the active list but not like mine.

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