*picture courtesy of Ebay

*picture courtesy of Ebay

If you’re like me, you’ve broken your share of dishes and cups.

The nice thing about Ebay, is that you can find just about anything you have broken.  And that includes lids.

A lot of us may pass over a broken teapot or dish if it’s cracked or flawed. But wait a second!  How does the LID look?  For many people, the lid can be very valuable.

A quick search on Ebay showed lids going between $10-$200 depending on the brand/make of item.  And the great thing about lids, they are easy to ship!

So give that broken  piece a second glance…you might have a hidden gem in its lid!

Check out current prices of lids here on Ebay.

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  1. What a great tip. It had never have occurred to me to buy something for the lid.

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