Some thrifting words and phrases defined….

For the novice or the expert, these may come in handy:

As-is: From the latin word “As” which means “garbage” and the latin word “is” which means “with a price tag”.

Sold: Please sit on me. Please put your stuff that you bought on me. Please lean on me and eat that doughnut. You are a regular outlaw.

Fill a bag: A time when all that geometry  you took in high school finally pays off.

Estate sale: Criteria must be that people must step INTO a living room area.  Two items. Two hundred items. Doesn’t matter. Once the threshold has been crossed….it can be considered an estate sale.

“On Ebay it goes for ______”: I don’t sell on Ebay. But my neighbor does. But he doesn’t want to pay me that much for it either.

Boutique: Any area in a thrift store with silk flowers, a gold lettered sign, and 45+ cocktail dresses from Joan Collin’s closet.

Firm: I dare you to ask me for a lower price. Go ahead. I dare you.

Orange: Also known as the chameleon color because of it’s ability to fool people into picking up other items around it.  “No..that’s a red sticker” “Sorry..that’s hot pink.”  “No…that’s clearly an apricot colored tag and they are full price today”.

1/2 price day: Remember when the kid would hit the pinata and all the candy would come flying out? It’s like that…only with carts and low blood sugar.

Collectible: My uncle Herman collected dead wasps. Just sayin.

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3 Responses to Some thrifting words and phrases defined….

  1. Savvy Saver says:

    Bwahaha! Love it! My favorite is “On eBay it sells for…” I’d like to punch those people in the face but I have anger issues. 😉

  2. Gretchen says:

    LOL. Today somebody told me “this sells for 60.00 on ebay” ROFLMAO.

  3. Karen G says:

    Ha,LOL, thanks. It is funny, but yet all these are so true.

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