What is the theme of this blog?

It started out as a thrifting blog. And then I added teaching info and products.

But yeah…it’s kinda all over the place now.  But I think I like it better this way.

After doing this blog for over 6 years, I’ve realized I’m just not really good at sticking with one topic, theme, niche….I get antsy….and then whiny…and then it becomes a complete chore to keep up with it.

I still LOVE thrifting and I am still in the business.  But I have a lot of other interests, too. And I’m going to share them here.

So, think of it as stopping in at a friend’s house.  A friend who likes thrifting, junking, art, teaching, theatre kids, humor, food, and any other interesting, cool stuff that comes up.

That’s it.

Thought an explanation was in order.



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